🪄 Weekly Magic AI: xAI launches Grok | OpenAI's DevDay | Smartphone-disrupting Ai Pin

Top AI news of the week and Magic AI tool of the week


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🪄 Weekly Magic AI: xAI launches Grok | OpenAI's DevDay | Smartphone-disrupting Ai Pin

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Top AI news of the week

🤖 Elon Musk's xAI launches Grok, a ChatGPT rival

Grok is an AI chatbot designed to answer questions, with a touch of humor. The chatbot created by xAI is a competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Grok was trained in just two months and is expected to improve from week to week. It has real-time knowledge (𝕏 posts) and can answer spicy questions that other AI systems reject. The core AI engine is called Grok-1. According to xAI, it outperforms GPT-3.5 in certain benchmarks but currently lags behind GPT-4. The goal of building Grok is to create AI tools that benefit all of humanity and empower users with useful information.

The engineering behind Grok involves reliable infrastructure and the use of Rust for scalability and reliability. The team is preparing to improve Grok’s capabilities and is focused on research directions such as scalable oversight, formal verification, long-context understanding and retrieval, adversarial robustness, and multimodal capabilities. The team believes in the potential of AI but also wants to ensure safeguards against malicious use. Early access to Grok is available for all verified X users in the United States to provide feedback and help improve its capabilities.

Our thoughts

Grok’s humorous tone is a contrast to ChatGPT’s closely guarded responses. Grok was trained in just over two months, which shows that xAI will be a real competitive threat to OpenAI. Grok also has access to current X posts that have been marked as trustworthy by users via Community Notes. Community Notes could be an advantage in the training of Grok.

✍🏽 We think that xAI will be a big competitor to OpenAI. What do you think? Write it in the comments.

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💬 OpenAI announced new models and developer products at DevDay

OpenAI recently held their DevDay event, where they made several important announcements. One of the announcements was the introduction of GPT Builder, a tool that allows users to customize and share their own AI assistants. Users can add specific instructions and features to their assistants, and even sell them on the newly launched GPT Store. GPT Builder is now available for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users.

Another announcement was the release of GPT-4 Turbo, a new model with improved capabilities and a larger context window (128K). It also offers better performance and is more cost-effective for developers. OpenAI also unveiled new APIs for developers to build apps using Vision, text-to-speech, and DALL-E 3, along with a new Assistants API for creating goal-driven AI apps. They also introduced a “Copyright Shield” to cover legal claims related to copyright infringement.

Our thoughts

OpenAI has introduced many new features for developers and reduced the cost of APIs. The GPT Builder and the GPT App Store make creating chatbots possible for everyone. These updates will kill many AI start-ups. OpenAI shows the AI world who is the current AI leader.

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🤔 Humane's Ai pin wants to replace the smartphone

The Ai pin is a standalone device that uses AI technology and can be attached to clothing. It includes a camera, sensors, speakers, and a projector to display information on your hand. The pin can answer voice questions, play music, send texts, make phone calls, and even translate messages. It has computer vision capabilities and can identify objects and provide information about them. The Ai pin can be pre-ordered starting November 16, but it won’t be shipped until next year.

👉🏽 Watch the full video

Our thoughts

Is this the future of the smartphone? We are skeptical about the concept being a success. The functionalities are helpful, but you can do something similar with a smartwatch.

✍🏽 What’s your opinion about the Ai Pin? Write it in the comments.

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Magic AI tool of the week

🪄 Bing DALL-E 3 - Turn your words into stunning pictures

Microsoft has integrated DALL-E into its Bing search engine since the beginning of the year. Since the release of DALL-E 3, the image generator has become even better. The Microsoft Image Generator helps users generate images with DALL-E. You enter a prompt, and the AI generates a set of images. Let’s look at an example.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to bing.com and sign in with your Microsoft account

  2. Click on the tab “Chat” and choose the conversation style “Creative“

  3. Enter a prompt. For example: “Create a picture of an astronaut celebrating his birthday, 3D style“


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