🪄 Weekly Magic AI: ElevenLabs | Apple's AI plans | Google Cloud and Hugging Face

Top AI news of the week, Magic AI tool of the week, and article of the week

🪄 Weekly Magic AI: ElevenLabs | Apple's AI plans | Google Cloud and Hugging Face

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In today's Magic AI:

  • Voice Cloner ElevenLabs is a Unicorn

  • Apple quietly invested in AI for many years

  • Hugging Face partners with Google Cloud

  • Magic AI tool of the week: Dubbing Studio by ElevenLabs

  • Article of the week: Exploring Prompt Engineering for Developers - A Practical Guide

Top AI news of the week

💬 Voice Cloner ElevenLabs is a Unicorn

ElevenLabs*, an AI startup that develops tools for creating synthetic voices, secured $80 million in a Series B funding round. This investment, led by top investors like Andreessen Horowitz, lifts the company's valuation to over $1 billion dollars. The CEO of ElevenLabs said that they will use the new money for product development, team expansion, AI research, and ensuring ethical and responsible AI development.

Our thoughts

We have tried the features “Speech Synthesis” and “Dubbing” and the quality is impressive. The Speech Synthesis feature allows you to create realistic and captivating speech in a variety of languages from a text or an audio file. Imagine you can provide your blog article as an audio track with your voice or a voice of your choice. The Dubbing feature eliminates language barriers. Imagine being able to translate your videos into any language in the world. Learn more about Dubbing Studio* in the Magic AI tool section.

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 Apple quietly invested in AI for many years

Apple is quietly enhancing its expertise in artificial intelligence through a series of strategic acquisitions and recruitments. These efforts aim to integrate advanced AI capabilities into the company's upcoming generation of iPhones. In addition, the new Apple chips already promise higher performance for AI computing, as both the new MacBooks and the Watches are getting a significant processor upgrade.

Industry data, academic publications, and insights from technology sector insiders indicate that Apple has primarily concentrated on addressing the technological challenge of implementing AI on mobile devices. The iPhone manufacturer was more active than its competitors in the acquisition of AI start-ups, securing 21 companies since the beginning of 2017, according to research from PitchBook.

Our thoughts

In our opinion, Apple will make an impressive comeback in the AI race this year. Apple designed its chips for AI computing for many years. Unlike other big tech companies, Apple builds chips and software hand in hand. This will have an unbeatable advantage in terms of performance in the future.

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🤖 Hugging Face partners with Google Cloud

The AI startup Hugging Face has partnered with Google Cloud to streamline AI software development. Hugging Face CEO, Clem Delangue, highlighted that companies are increasingly training and optimizing their own AI models. Google Cloud's CEO, Thomas Kurian, predicted that the demand for cloud-based AI computing could soon surpass traditional cloud software.

Developers will also have access to Google's advanced AI chips and Nvidia's H100 chips. There's a growing interest in building AI software, with Hugging Face's repository expected to double in size in the next four months.

Our thoughts

There is a huge demand for AI computing capacity. Organizations can now easily link their Google Cloud with the Hugging Face subscription. The new cloud resources will also help to train and provide large models faster and more cheaply. We think that the partnership is positive for the open-source community.

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Magic AI tool of the week

🪄 Dubbing Studio by ElevenLabs* - Translate your Content in another Language

Have you ever wondered what your content would sound like in another language? It’s not just a dream - it’s reality! ElevenLabs* just launched their Dubbing Studio! Now, you can correct dubbing errors with editing tools.

This is huge because it finally enables you to globalize your content across other languages, making it accessible to more audiences. The advanced editing capabilities ensure you have control over the output for an even more authentic experience.

Watch the demo video. The possibilities are impressive!

With ElevenLabs, you're ready to break down language barriers like never before!

👉🏽 Give it a try at elevenlabs.io*.

Article of the week

📖 Exploring Prompt Engineering for Developers: A Practical Guide - Tinz Twins Hub

On the Internet, you can often find PDFs or websites titled “The 100 Best Prompts to Boost Your Productivity.” These prompts are mostly for tools like ChatGPT to optimize simple repetitive tasks. Most of the time, you still need to customize these prompts to your individual use case, because each use case is different. That’s why you should learn to write effective prompts yourself, especially as a software developer. That’s exactly what this article covers.

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