🪄 Weekly Magic AI: ChatGPT Birthday | Microsoft's AI investment | Pika 1.0

Top AI news of the week and Magic AI tool of the week


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🪄 Weekly Magic AI: ChatGPT Birthday | Microsoft's AI investment | Pika 1.0

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Top AI news of the week

🤖 ChatGPT turned one year old and Altman officially back as CEO

ChatGPT turned one year old on November 30th. A day before OpenAI published a blog post announcing that Sam Altman returned as OpenAI CEO with a new board and leadership team. The blog post includes a statement from CEO Sam Altman and board chair Bret Taylor. Mira Murati returns as CTO, and Greg Brockman comes back as President. The board includes Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, and Adam D'Angelo. In addition, the new board will include Microsoft as a non-voting observer. Chief scientist Ilya Sutskever is no longer on the board. He played a decisive role in the dismissal of Sam Altman.

Our thoughts

Altman returns, but questions still remain about the reasons for Altman's dismissal. Will we ever find out what the reasons were?

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🇬🇧 Microsoft invests billions in UK AI infrastructure

Microsoft has announced a substantial investment in the UK's AI infrastructure, skills, and security, aiming to boost the country's AI potential. The plan involves more than doubling Microsoft's data center footprint with a $3.2 billion investment, expanding AI-specific compute power, and providing prioritized GPU access for research. Additionally, Microsoft plans to invest in broad-based AI talent and education programs, training more than one million people for the AI economy. The company is also committed to enhancing AI safety and security measures, aligning with responsible AI practices and collaborating with the UK government and AI Safety Institute.

Our thoughts

The partnership with Microsoft is an important step for the UK to become a leader in AI. Partnerships with AI companies are playing an increasingly important role, including in politics. AI is everywhere!

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🎥 Pika launches new AI video tool Pika 1.0

Pika Labs, an AI startup focused on generative AI for video, has introduced version 1.0 of its video generator and secured $55 million in funding. Pika 1.0 utilizes a new AI model enabling the creation and editing of videos in various styles, such as 3D animation and anime. The startup aims to simplify video creation, making it more accessible for users. Interested individuals can sign up for Pika 1.0 on their website.

The funding rounds, totaling $55 million, were led by Nat Friedman, Daniel Gross, and Lightspeed Venture Partners, with participation from notable investors like Adam D'Angelo and Andrej Karpathy. In the growing market for generative AI models for video, Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion, released a competitive generative video model. Stable Video Diffusion outperformed rivals RunwayML and Pika Labs in user preference studies, with Pika Labs aiming to regain its prominence with the 1.0 release.

Our thoughts

The market for generative AI models for videos is highly competitive. The speed of development is impressive. Competition promotes the innovative strength of companies. The future remains exciting!

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🎓 Your Complete Guide to Graphic Design, Branding, and Editing

In the ever-evolving world of design, standing out is not just an option. It is a necessity. Discover the course: The Complete AI Digital Artist Masterclass*.

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Here you'll discover:

  • Learn how to craft logos, business cards, and cohesive brand elements.

  • Design impactful visuals for every platform with Midjourney, from Instagram posts to YouTube thumbnails.

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Magic AI tool of the week

🪄 Notion AI* - Boost Your Productivity and Creativity

Notion AI* is a new feature of Notion that helps you write and create content using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can support you with several tasks. Notion now offers a number of AI functions.

Here are some of Notion's AI functions:

  • Write with AI: This category includes a feature called 'Continue writing'. This feature is useful if you don't know exactly how to continue writing.

  • Generate from page: In this category, you will find, for example, functions for summarizing or translating texts.

  • Edit or review page: The features of this category help you to improve your writing. For example: Fix spelling and grammar, change tone, or simplify your language.

  • Insert AI blocks: You can also insert AI blocks. AI blocks are predefined instructions that you can execute later. These blocks are useful for Notion templates.

Below, you can see Notion AI in action. It's very simple to use. Tap 'space' to open the AI.

👉🏽 Try Notion today to take your productivity to the next level!*

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