🪄 Weekly Magic AI: Apple's Big AI plan | Boston Dynamics' Spot can talk | Meta-Learning

Top AI news of the week and Magic AI tool of the week

🪄 Weekly Magic AI: Apple's Big AI plan | Boston Dynamics' Spot can talk | Meta-Learning

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Welcome to our weekly email newsletter, where we bring you the latest updates on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in an accessible way. This week’s Magic AI Tool is a design tool that perfectly integrates AI! See further below.

Top AI news of the week

 Apple plan to integrate AI across all devices

Apple is making efforts to catch up with its rivals in the AI field by integrating generative AI into all of its products, as reported by Bloomberg. The company aims to enhance Siri with a new version powered by a large language model. Planned AI features include improved auto-complete in Messages, playlist creation in Music, and code suggestions in Xcode.

However, there are concerns about whether Apple’s AI technology can match the capabilities of models like ChatGPT and Claude. Apple also wants to make tradeoffs between on-device and cloud processing for various AI functions. In addition, Apple plans to spend up to $4.75 billion next year to buy AI-enabled server technology (according to well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo).

Our thoughts

Apple has never been a company that has followed the results and products of others. Still, Apple knows they need to catch up in the AI race. Apple knows its reputation is on the line if it cedes AI leadership.

Above all, Apple needs to significantly improve Siri, where other voice assistants are already much better. We expect that Apple integrates AI into its products in a meaningful way so that the user gets the most benefit from it.

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🤖 Boston Dynamics' robot dog ‘Spot’ can talk

Boston Dynamics has added a voice feature to its robot ‘Spot’ using ChatGPT and other AI models. Spot can answer questions and make comments. The British accent is really cool!

The robot’s gripper moves to imitate speech, with the help of googly eyes and a mustache accessory. Spot’s responses are based on ChatGPT and other language models, demonstrating the effectiveness of conversational commands.

Boston Dynamics published a video about it.

Our thoughts

In the past, Boston Dynamics has already shown how powerful the robots are. Integrating speech was just the next step. We need to use these technologies responsibly.

✍🏽 What is your opinion about ‘Spot‘? Write it in the comments.

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🧐 Meta-Learning: AI generalizes better than humans

Scientists have developed a neural network that can learn new words and use them in different contexts, similar to humans. This AI system performs as well as humans in language learning, unlike the chatbot ChatGPT, which struggles with it.

The neural network’s ability to systematically generalize suggests a breakthrough in training networks to be more human-like. Neural networks have traditionally struggled with systematic generalization, unlike humans, who can effortlessly use newly acquired words in various situations. This human-like learning approach could make AI more efficient and reduce hallucinations.

Our thoughts

This is an impressive piece of research. This research could lead to more natural interactions between machines and humans. For more details, please read the scientific paper “Human-like systematic generalization through a meta-learning neural network“.

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Magic AI tool of the week

🪄 Canva - Text-to-video feature

Canva combines all its AI functions in Magic Studio. There, you’ll find everything from text to video to summarizing. For some features, you need a paid subscription to Canva Pro. Today, we’ll introduce the Text-to-Video feature.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to canva.com and sign in with your Canva account

  2. Go to Magic Media. Then, go to the "Video" tab on the right side of the screen.

  3. Enter a prompt. For example: “Alien planet concept art in 3D style”.

  4. Click “Generate video“. Wait a moment and look at the result.


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