🪄 Weekly Magic AI: Apple WWDC 2023 | DeepMind AlphaDev | Aleph Alpha Control AI

Top AI news of the week and Magic AI tool of the week


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🪄 Weekly Magic AI: Apple WWDC 2023 | DeepMind AlphaDev | Aleph Alpha Control AI

Hi AI Enthusiasts,

Welcome to this week's edition of "Magic AI", where we dive into the latest developments and trends in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Top AI news of the week

🤖 Apple WWDC 2023: Machine Learning Announcements

Apple unveiled some new software updates for its fleet of products at WWDC 2023. In addition to some new product updates, Apple presented the App Journal. Journal is an ML-powered personalized journalling app. Apple is also improving input autocorrection using machine learning. The highlight of WWDC 2023 was the newly announced Apple Vision Pro headset. Apple Vision Pro seamlessly blends digital content with your physical space. Apple calls it Spatial Computing. The headset costs 3400 dollars and will be available in the USA early next year.

Fun fact: Apple did not mention the term "artificial intelligence" once, but instead spoke of "machine learning".

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🔎 DeepMind AlphaDev

Deepmind, Google's AI branch, has unveiled AlphaDev, an AI system that uses reinforcement learning. The system can independently discover faster computer science algorithms. It thus outperforms algorithms developed over decades by scientists and engineers. AlphaDev has already discovered faster algorithms for sorting data. These new algorithms are already part of two standard C++ coding libraries. These libraries are used trillions of times a day by programmers worldwide. AlphaDev is a significant step towards using AI to optimize the world's code.

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🔥 Aleph Alpha Control AI: New Generation of Explainable AI Models

Aleph Alpha, a German-based AI start-up, has introduced a new generation of explainable AI models. Explainability and trustworthiness are considered a weakness of large language models. Aleph Alpha wants to make AI more comprehensible. In April, Aleph Alpha already integrated a fact check into its models. These steps are understandable because of the upcoming regulatory requirements of the EU AI Act.

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Magic AI tool of the week

🪄 Deepgram

Deepgram is a powerful speech-to-text API. Deepgram transcribes audio from the real world with an API call. Deepgram translates audio to text in over 30+ languages. It takes eight seconds to transcribe an hour of pre-recorded audio into text. Deepgram’s API allows you to add subtitles to live videos or display subtitles in real-time at events and analyze spoken words for live content. There is also an official SDK for Python, Node and .Net. You can find the current prices on the price website.

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- Tinz Twins

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