Is Apple's new AI model better than GPT-4?

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Is Apple's new AI model better than GPT-4?

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In today's Magic AI:

  • OpenAI presents an AI model for voice cloning

  • Apple unveils a new AI model

  • Open Source GPT-4 based AI Software Developer

  • Online Course: Learn Coding - Ignite Your Tech Future in 2024

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Top AI news of the week

💬 OpenAI presents an AI model for voice cloning

OpenAI has unveiled Voice Engine, an AI model for voice cloning. The AI video translator HeyGen already uses the new voice cloning tool. Voice Engine can generate natural speech through text input and based on a 15-second audio sample. The generated voices sound very similar to the original voices, as the examples in the blog article of OpenAI show.

OpenAI now competes with tools such as the voice cloning tool from ElevenLabs*. Voice Engine can translate content and create new audio recordings with the speaker's voice, similar to ElevenLabs. The blog article also addresses further use cases.

OpenAI has implemented several security measures because of the potential risks associated with this technology. The tool adds watermarks to trace the origin of the audio track. In addition, Voice Engine has proactive monitoring.

Our thoughts

Voice cloning tools make language barriers disappear. The most popular tools are ElevenLabs* and HeyGen. We also have written a comprehensive article about ElvenLabs. In our article, we present the features of ElvenLabs and make practical tests. It's worth to read the article.

A new feature of OpenAI's Voice Engine is that only a 15-second audio sample is required to clone the voice. Very impressive! However, it should also be mentioned that this technology has high risks of misuse.

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🤖 Apple unveils a new AI model

Apple researchers have published a new paper introducing a new AI system named ReALM. This model is capable of understanding both on-screen and conversational contexts.

Apple describes the functionality as follows:

"Finally, for the task under consideration in this paper, reference resolution does not include solely conversational references, but also includes the ability to reference an on-screen and/or a background entity that is part of what the user currently perceives in their interaction with a device, but has not been a part of the conversational history that results from their direct interaction with the virtual agent in question."

In following, you can see how ReALM encode inputs:

Image by Apple

According to Apple, the larger ReALM models outperform GPT-4 and can be used on-device without compromising performance.

Our thoughts

The paper shows that Apple is working on new AI models to improve its ecosystem. ReALM aims to make voice assistants like Siri more aware of context. By understanding on-screen information and additional context, Siri could become significantly better. We are excited to see how this functionality makes Siri better in practice.

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👩🏽‍💻 Open Source GPT-4 based AI Software Developer

Researchers from Princeton NLP developed SWE-agent, an open-source AI software developer. The system turns GPT-4 into an AI software engineering agent. This tool can automatically fix issues in GitHub repositories.

SWE-agent achieves a similar performance to Devin on the SWE-bench benchmark. The benchmark measures how well LLMs perform on real-world GitHub issues. You can see the results in the following:

Image by Princeton NLP

The source code is available on GitHub.

Our thoughts

First Devin and now SWE-agent, AI is increasingly handling software development tasks. However, it's important to note that we are still in the early stages. AI-powered software developer agents will need more time to tackle complex software development tasks.

AI-powered software engineering is the future. Software developers should start using AI tools in their development processes to avoid falling behind.

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